Thursday, February 5, 2009

Some new ones...

I am in love with these fabrics by Moda. I bought them in a charm pack so picking colors was easy! I love how the flower adds so much...otherwise it would just be another black hat.
Here is Noah's newborn hat. I hope to get my hands on a picture to share of him in it. I know slates and greys are very "in" right now and they just seemed so "boy" to me without being too traditional. From what I hear his parents are very cool people so his first hat needed to be cutting edge. :)
This is one of Tenley's new hats. Sorry about the blurry pic. This fabric is Amy Butler. I use it a lot but love how every flower turns out different since there are so many colors in the print.
This is Brynn's new ribbon hat. She looks so cute in it. She has long curly blonde hair...can't wait to get a pic and show you! Have a great day...finally some sun and warmer temps for us in MN!

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