Monday, February 23, 2009

More Mandy Pictures

Another pic of Chase in his striped hat
This hat was felted after I knit it. It's the same ear flap hat pattern I use. It fit me before it was felted! Look at that look he has. He's just started cooing and chatting. Those little looks and sounds never get old...

Sometimes I think it's odd how I love knitting so much. Sweaters bug me so I don't make those for myself. I'm not cool enough for leg warmers...on a rare day I remember to grab mittens and a hat. It's really the thought of others wearing the things I knit that makes me happy. So, when Mandy sends me these pictures I'm over the moon. :) Thanks, M!

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mrspelton said...

I'm with you 100%, Susie. You'd think I'd have a gillion hats, but I can't stand to keep them. Of the 25 or 30 that I've made so far this season - 5 have been for my family. Two for me, two for Elena, and one for my husband. I love giving them away...seeing the looks on people's faces when they get them, and getting "paid" in pictures of their children in my hats.

It truly is a great feeling.

Knit on, sister...knit on!!