Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm back!

Hi Everybody! It's been so long I almost forgot my blogger password. I've been enjoying life, slacking on taking pics of my new hats, working on my website (I'm hoping it's done by fall), and getting to know every baseball field in our area. I didn't mentally prepare myself for baseball season...2 boys in baseball = 4 nights a week. I love it so I don't mind, but it cuts in to my knitting time! I'm the Mom on the sidelines cheering and knitting. Gavin scolded me last night for complimenting the other teams' players on their nice hits. Opps.

Fin's latest handy work. Who's the rookie (me) who bought cheap markers for Easter baskets??? Turns out there was a reason they were in the dollar bin.
Here's Fin watching TV. The minute he woke up he wanted these googles on. He can barely see out of them but he insisted. Meals were particularly challenging.
Here's where I chose to dry my dyed wool. The birds were very hesitant to come to the feeders when the wet yarn arrived. This came to be because a friend asked me to make her a royal blue hat. It was tough to find that color so I decided to dye my own. I used my big soup pot, put it on my stove top and 30 minutes later had great hand dyed yarn. Fun! I've been dragging my feet to try it. I always thought of it like a "gateway drug". If I dye my own yarn then I'll want to learn to spin the wool. Then that would lead to wanting my own alpaca farm. I would like to stay married so I'm going to use all my will power and stick to dying yarn on my stove top. :)

I was having coffee in my kitchen with some friends...peeked down off the deck and saw this. This is my Mom to a tee. Isn't she great?!?!