Tuesday, February 24, 2009


We went out with the Birdwell's recently. I noticed Mandy's cute cuff on her sweater. A bunch of ideas for a new hat popped into my head. She was nice enough to let me take a picture of her arm in a crowded restaurant. :)

This is what I came up with. For all of you knitters, I did seed stitch on a straight needle. Then after that piece was finished I picked up stitches in the round to create the crown part of the hat. The buttons went on last. As you can see, the seed stitch piece will be a bit shorter next time to lessen the overlap. Jayden was gracious enough to model it for me (and Mandy to take the pic, of course).


Steph said...

You are too creative, girl! If I had just one ounce of what you have!!!! :)

vikingsfan said...

We all just love your work! you are so wonderful!

Jen Bridgeford said...

OMG - Susie, you are so talented - I love the new hats!!!!! I will be ordering more soon!

thought I would check out your site as I feel like I haven't talked to you in so long :)

Take care,