Friday, February 29, 2008

Come on!

Can you even stand it?? Look at this adorable on earth did Mandy have her lay so perfect? She's beautiful. I love this hat too. I couldn't stop once I started because I was so excited to see how the ears would turn out. Perfect for Easter pics.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You have to see these...

I'm still in shock that my hat is part of such a great picture! Of course Jayden looks like a professional. Also the dress, green scarf and the backdrop Mandy chose all go together so well. I am having so much fun with this and am happy to be along for the ride...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fin's One year pics

Here are Fin's 1 year pics Mandy took. I could not be more in awe of how she captured him just as I know him right now. It was no small task; he never stayed still. Some of you have heard our nightmare story of Anthony and I "turning" on each other during a family portrait at Proex (never again!). It's hard getting the authentic moments we all want to remember. I know when he's older I will look back at these and it will remind me of how he was at this age...his rubber band wrists, expressions, smile, eyes. Thank you, Mandy, for making sure I never forget how he is right now.


Here's Jake wearing the hat I made Mandy. He didn't want to be left out! It's great how the same hat fits his sister and his Momma too.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Finished scarf

Hi Everybody! It's good to be back. We had such a great time with family. It was fun to see the cousins enjoy each other and Anthony and I got a chance to see our niece and nephews in their element. It was special.

Here's a quick picture from the wee hours this morning of Anthony and Fin. Neither were too excited about getting their pic taken, but that's just part of the deal! I think this scarf is one of my favorites. I love all the luxurious yarns out there now. It makes for some great knitting (and maybe a little bit of hiding receipts).

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

On Holiday....

Hi Everybody! We caught a flight to AZ since we missed our chance on Wednesday. I set the alarm to be the first in line to buy my favorite yarn that's being discontinued...opps woke everybody up 1 hour early. Forgot about the time change. I may have heard a crabby grumble from Anthony. Also pretended I was busy so I didn't have the first diaper change of the day. Moms get a little break too! :) We'll be back on Friday and I'll share then. Have a great week!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Switchin' it up

I think anytime we try and turn our hobby into something bigger, it's important to keep sight of our passion for it. It can be easy to get into a "slump" and feel stale. When I feel like that, I give myself permission to take a break from my orders and switch gears to a just-for-fun project. Sometimes I still knit, sometimes I switch to sewing or playing around with family pictures. Last night I started this scarf for Anthony. It's a cashmere blend. I love that it's dressy enough for him to wear to work but he won't be afraid to throw it on when he's outside playing around with the boys. It is so soft and peaceful to work with. It's fun to make something for him. It's a visual of how much I appreciate him and our life together.

Jayden with her Momma's hat on

Here's Jayden in the hat I made Mandy. I usually make the hats for J so when Mandy came home with a hat from me she hat to try it on.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I was going to wait...

I was going to wait until tomorrow but I can't stand it!!! This pic was taken as part of Mandy's photoshoot for Baby Grand Mainstreet. I am so proud to have this beautiful baby wear one of my hat and bootie sets. When I make newborn things I'm always amazed we start out so small. Look at those wrinkles on his arms!!! I can't stand wonder we squeel when we see them. God must do that on purpose so we want more. :) Beautiful pictures Mandy. Thank you for sharing them.

Brynn in her Hat

Here's Brynn in her hat. Thanks to Mandy for taking the pic for me. I love those beautiful curls peeking out!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A couple hats before we're off...

Here are a couple hats I've just finished. We are off for a few days. I won't be posting while we are gone but I'm sure there will be plenty of knitting. I'll share when I'm back. Have a great week everybody!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Another of Brynn's Hats

I am so proud of myself! Ever since I decided to stay home with my kids I've felt like I am slowly losing touch with computers (ok, much more than computers but that'll be a different post). I've had trouble getting my pictures on my blog this weekend. I am pleased to say I figured it out! As silly as it sounds, it's a big accomplishment. I won't tell you how long it took me...

Any way, here's a hat I did over the weekend. I love the flower so was very putsy but so worth it. I went down in my Mom's craft stash and found these great beads...thanks Momma! That must make her feel good that I'm having at all her fun stuff while she's basking in the hot sun in Mexico. We are all ready for them to come home. I made pancakes yesterday and Graham asked if Grandma mailed these from MX. I said no and he yelled, "Well, are they at least her homemade recipe?!" When he talks to me like that I have this fear my 3 boys will be in their teens towering over me...I'll be lookin' old and exhausted and they'll be talking sass and barking orders at me.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Carla's Page

This scrapbook page was done by Carla at our craft weekend. She used some of my left over yarn for this page. I love how she used staples to hold the yarn in place. It all comes together well. She is so creative and great for a chat. Thanks for sharing Carla...

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Baby Girl Hat

Here's another hat I did at our craft weekend. I tried a button this time in the middle of the flower and I really like the way it looks. I also like that since I stitched it on, it will hold the flower in place more securely. I'm always looking for ways to "anchor" down my embellishments well. Little hands tend to tug and pull more than we civilized adults do. :)

Those crazy moments!

Although this has nothing to do with knitting I had to share. I had one of those CRAZY parenting moments when everyone needed me at the same time. The big boys were getting ready to go sledding (thanks Rich!) and I realized Fin needed a diaper change. Was changing Fin and he got away from me before I could get clothes on him, big boys yelling for me to help them, throw away dirty diaper, better wash my hands, chasing after Fin, looking for mittens, more yells from the boys, heard our beep from our door alerting me the boys had gone outside (I'm sure I made some sort of growl noise at this point), turned the corner and noticed the boys decided to bring in their snowy tubes from the backyard. It was a first...a snow pile inside our house. Fin was so intrigued. I wasn't sure what to do first...get the camera or clean up the mess! I think I made the right choice. :) I stand by my plan for my 40th birthday (although I may have to move it up to 35). A trip far away with wine, spa treatments and a soft white robe the entire time. Anyone game?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Carson's Hat

Here's one of the hats I did at our craft weekend. The frog started out as a wool square that I then felted. I made a frog pattern and then cut it out. I finished up by hand sewing the frog in place. It was so much fun! Can't wait to see him in it.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Baby Sophia

Here's Sophia in her hat. She's so tiny...I love their little faces when they are so brand new. Even when their noisy!
Here she is with her Momma. So sweet....

Her Mom said she had a fussy morning but I think it made for some great pics. Thanks Ben and Court for the pictures. I'm glad you let me share them with everyone.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Some pics from our craft weekend...

Here's the hat I made for Miss Mandy. Doesn't it look adorable on her?
Here's the first scrapbook page I've ever done. We did a little surprise book for Krista for her 30th birthday. I used all my knitting supplies. It's interesting how things come back in style. All these colors remind me of the 70's. Our first house had a lot of these colors and we had to change everything immediately. Now, the colors are all back in style.

Kerrie is one of my neighbors and good friends. She is amazing...creating a scrapbook for each of her 3 kids, a family album and an album for her parents. It's fun to sit near her and see what she's up to. We had some good giggle fits this weekend. I bought the hat I'm wearing at a local shop and embellished it with all scrapbooking materials. It's my tribute to all the women and their beautiful creations this weekend.

Here I am in the massage chair. It worked so well our muscles were sore after. Those goofy glasses I'm wearing are called Prism glasses. They are great for knitting and reading so you don't get a sore neck.

Here's what our work spaces looked a bomb went off. When it was time to pack up and go home it was amazing how quickly it all got cleaned up.

Here's Mandy in one of the hats I made this weekend. She was nice enough to take a few breaks to model for me.