Sunday, February 3, 2008

Some pics from our craft weekend...

Here's the hat I made for Miss Mandy. Doesn't it look adorable on her?
Here's the first scrapbook page I've ever done. We did a little surprise book for Krista for her 30th birthday. I used all my knitting supplies. It's interesting how things come back in style. All these colors remind me of the 70's. Our first house had a lot of these colors and we had to change everything immediately. Now, the colors are all back in style.

Kerrie is one of my neighbors and good friends. She is amazing...creating a scrapbook for each of her 3 kids, a family album and an album for her parents. It's fun to sit near her and see what she's up to. We had some good giggle fits this weekend. I bought the hat I'm wearing at a local shop and embellished it with all scrapbooking materials. It's my tribute to all the women and their beautiful creations this weekend.

Here I am in the massage chair. It worked so well our muscles were sore after. Those goofy glasses I'm wearing are called Prism glasses. They are great for knitting and reading so you don't get a sore neck.

Here's what our work spaces looked a bomb went off. When it was time to pack up and go home it was amazing how quickly it all got cleaned up.

Here's Mandy in one of the hats I made this weekend. She was nice enough to take a few breaks to model for me.


MandyB said...

Love my hat Suz!! The cold isnt so bad when i get to wear a fun hat. :)

Hoglund said...

Susie.... I am so going to hire you to make some cute hats like this for the boys for next winter. Once I know their approx size (of head etc) and what colors their coats are going to be I am going to be putting in an order with you. :)