Friday, February 15, 2008

Switchin' it up

I think anytime we try and turn our hobby into something bigger, it's important to keep sight of our passion for it. It can be easy to get into a "slump" and feel stale. When I feel like that, I give myself permission to take a break from my orders and switch gears to a just-for-fun project. Sometimes I still knit, sometimes I switch to sewing or playing around with family pictures. Last night I started this scarf for Anthony. It's a cashmere blend. I love that it's dressy enough for him to wear to work but he won't be afraid to throw it on when he's outside playing around with the boys. It is so soft and peaceful to work with. It's fun to make something for him. It's a visual of how much I appreciate him and our life together.

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Debbie said...

Susie...I love your Blog! You'll have to visit mine...this way we can keep up with each other's families! Love your patterns and all the cute hats and beautiful pictures. You are so talented, Girl!!!!Love,Aunt Debbie