Thursday, February 7, 2008

Those crazy moments!

Although this has nothing to do with knitting I had to share. I had one of those CRAZY parenting moments when everyone needed me at the same time. The big boys were getting ready to go sledding (thanks Rich!) and I realized Fin needed a diaper change. Was changing Fin and he got away from me before I could get clothes on him, big boys yelling for me to help them, throw away dirty diaper, better wash my hands, chasing after Fin, looking for mittens, more yells from the boys, heard our beep from our door alerting me the boys had gone outside (I'm sure I made some sort of growl noise at this point), turned the corner and noticed the boys decided to bring in their snowy tubes from the backyard. It was a first...a snow pile inside our house. Fin was so intrigued. I wasn't sure what to do first...get the camera or clean up the mess! I think I made the right choice. :) I stand by my plan for my 40th birthday (although I may have to move it up to 35). A trip far away with wine, spa treatments and a soft white robe the entire time. Anyone game?


mnepote said...

Count me in! And I'm not sure that I can wait for 40!

MandyB said...

Im in too! love the snow pile. Fin looks like he wants to dive right in!

Kristen Senden said...

I'd take a trip like that tomorrow. Just let me know when and where! :-)