Monday, June 16, 2008

Michelle and Dan's Celebration

These pictures are all out of order but you'll still get the idea! My dearest friend, Michelle, eloped in Tahoe last December. Friday night was their big party to celebrate. It was the most fun I have haf in a loooong time! They did it right...they even had mini burgers out on the patio. Every detail was perfect. Here's a shot of all of us girls having a great time. Not quite sure what I was doing with my the time I'm sure I thought it would make me look skinnier??!?! The champagne was flowin' :)
Here's a shot of the bride and I. We met when we were 11. My Dad had recently died and I know God sent her to me so I would snap out of my quiet sadness. She was, is and will always be one of thee biggest and best blessings in my life.
Here's Anthony and I enjoying our rare night out.
The girls ready for the party.
This is my favorite picture of the night. I think Mandy would be proud. Their photographer was in between shots and I caught this great moment. Look at how sweet they are! I love how she's nuzzling him and the way his arm is wrapped around her. It's perfect how she's holding her gown too.

This is Gav's favorite.
Here are the "Posse" girls. We all started running together years ago. I've since had to retire because of my back, but these ladies are still going strong. They are amazing how they fit it all in. Jobs, husbands, kids...they still find time to run.

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Anonymous said...

You look fabulous honey!! So fun to see!