Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fun at the Lake

Hi Everyone, I hope you're all having a good week. Here's some pics from our time at the lake. I feel so fortunate to have a place like this to go. I can't even imagine how my parents had the energy to cart all 6 of us girls up 4 hours in our big blue van every Friday night after work. When my sister and I were packing up with 4 boys six years old and under in the car we thought we were nuts. It takes so much work coordinating food, clothes, naps, poops, etc. The second they got out of the car, though, they were screaming in delight at the sight of a bird feeder torn to shreds by a bear. It made all the work getting up there worth it... Gavin and his cousin, Louie, excited about the fish they helped catch.
Here's Gavin playing for us in the yard. He was trying for his coolest "guitar" face.
Here's one of my most favorite pieces of furniture that sits in our cabin.
My Mom as I see her and have seen her all my life. I will always have memories of her working hard in one of her many gardens just like her Aunt Aggie did.
Here's Fin on the swing set with his cousin Louie. It sits exactly where it did when I was a kid.
This is my sister's spot. She bought it, took out the kitchen and bathroom and turned it into a bunkhouse. We all named it "The Peapod". The kids play in there for hours at a time. She says it's the best $500 she's ever spent. Almost forgot...Gav took this pic. Didn't even know it. I was pretty impressed...he must be copying Mandy.
Here I am with my morning coffee. Gavin got a hold of the camera a bit early that morning. Can you see those tired eyes? Fin would wake up yelling for Chloe (our dog) who was not present since she wasn't invited (that would tip me over the edge). Subsequently she spent the week with Anthony at work.
Here are Gav and Louie sitting on the table they made for their fort in the woods. Isn't that sweet? We were spying on them from the kitchen window and every so often we'd see their heads swing back in laughter.
The little boys helped hammer nails for the table too. Graham sat there the longest and really got good at it. He's such a determined kid.

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Scrapadoodle said...

Looks like you had a great time! I love cabins and places to get away from the day to day...and hang out in PJ's and no one cares....great storyies with the pics!