Friday, March 7, 2008

Knitting Club

I love the nights when it's my turn to host Knitting Club. My house full of knitters chatting and sharing projects. Each woman has their own story. Many of us only have knitting as our connection initially and then as we get to know each other we find we have much more in common. The fact that knitting brings people together is one of my favorite aspects of it. This is Melissa. She's an amazing knitter. Can you believe she made this sweater she's wearing? Before she had kids her hobby was flying planes. We are happy she switched to knitting; it's probably not much cheaper though! :)
Here's her brand new baby boy, Carson. I was selfishly thrilled when she gave me the news she was having her 3rd son. We get together when we can and chat about knitting, kids, in general. I think it's the secret to staying sane when you're a Mom. I know if I didn't have friends to chat with I definitely would have a twitch (some of you have seen my impression of one :) Melissa made the blanket on Carson. I love that it's orange. Sometimes it gets boring seeing light blue for little guys.

Sorry about the blurring picture, but I had to share another sweater Melissa made.

Here are the ladies knitting and crocheting away!

More knittin'

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