Monday, March 10, 2008

Andrea and her Hat

Here's Andrea with the baby hat she made. Didn't she do great? It sounds like the baby may come a couple of months early. My oldest son was born early and very tiny, so I know that can be a scary time. I wish them the best. My son's hand knit hats were on display in his isolette until he was big enough to wear them. The nurses went crazy for them and we found comfort that they all would say, "Oh, he'll be in these in no time!" In the meantime, my Mom went home and used an orange to size his first hat. He takes it out every once in a while and can't believe he was that small. I can't believe it either!
We thought the flower needed a bead in the middle. Sometimes with the silk flowers you can see the plastic where it's held together so a bead is perfect. I think it adds a nice touch too.

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