Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My new Hat

Gavin took this pic and has now climbed up on my stool to make sure I post it. I really don't want to because...look at those tired Mommy eyes!!! I was up 4 times with the kids last night. These are the days I like to put a little make-up on to pretend I'm amongst the living. I know, though, it would be smeared all over my kids' clothes in two minutes. Maybe I'll look back at this blog someday and these crazy nights will be a distant memory. I can dream, right?
I started this hat last night at Knitting Club (thanks for the great night, Ladies!) and finished it up today. It was quick and fun.


MandyB said...

love your new creation. And Gav takes great photos.

mnepote said...

I can not believe you created that hat from only briefly looking at mine - you are truely amazing!