Thursday, January 10, 2008

Abby in her hat

Here's Abby in her hat! Look at how adorable she is. I was so excited to get this picture because I have never seen Abby before. I met her Mom, Debbi, at a scrapbooking weekend this fall. All the ladies were so gracious...I was the only knitter. My Mom made me promise I wasn't going to come back a scrapbooker because she knows I don't need anymore crafts! Here I was amongst all these fabulous scrapbookers and I was VERY tempted! You can see some of their creations on Mandy's blog. We have another one coming up and I am so excited! It takes me two weeks to pack because I always change my mind on what projects to bring. I'm in "cautious" mode with my back so I can be certain I get to go. I guess that means no ice skating this weekend. :)

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MandyB said...

love those colors.