Sunday, January 11, 2009

Anthony's Sweater

Here's Anthony's sweater I started a loooong time ago. My Mom helped me finish it up. She crochets her sweater pieces together. Since I'm inept at crocheting, she agreed to do it for me.

This picture is pretty much Anthony to a tee. Thank goodness he has a sense of humor considering all we've been through in our 10 years married. :)


Shannon Schusted said...

Looks awesome! Great job Susie.

Meg said...

yeah its done!! is this what you were working on that first craft weekend!??!?! i love it! :)

Athena P said...

You are far braver than I, Susie. A MEN'S Sweater!?!? Well done!! I've only gotten so brave as a shrug for my (petite) self, and a couple hoodies for my daughter and her cousin.

And i love the olive green hat with the pink flower!! LOVE LOVE it.

Stu said...

That is a stylish pose! Looks great!