Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My nieces

This is Yemi in her hat. She was outside playin' with Graham when I took this. She's our 7 year old (she would say "almost 8!") budding fashion designer. Her sketches are amazing! She loves to use as many colors, patterns and textures that she can. Gavin loves when she sits next to him and draws...he's in heaven when that happens.

And this is Elly in her hat. When she came over it didn't have a flower yet...I wanted to see the hat on her first. I couldn't find one I liked until I raided one of my bouquets on my fireplace. I guess no silk flower is safe as long as it's in my reach.

Elly is amazing. She's 12 now...I can't believe it. It feels like yesterday that her whole self would fit right on me for a snuggley nap. Now, she's darn near 6'0 and towers over all of us except her out Lateeph, you're next!!! Elly is an amazing reader. She devours book after book and is quite the writer too. We went to one of her plays and now Graham runs around the house singing one of the songs. So cute!

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