Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm still here!

Hi Everybody! It's been too long since I posted (I seem to say that a lot in the summer). It's becoming my busy hat season so I will share a couple I completed today once I get my labels on them. I had to share Fin's new favorite activity. He gets a hand-knit dish rag (the best rags on earth) from the drawer and squawks for me to wet it. Then he goes around the house wiping everything he can. It's a perfect activity for him; he's so entertained! As you can see in the back ground G2 is following my exercise ball that he just launched down the stairs. I can't blame him for thinking that's what it's for...he's never seen anyone use it for anything else. :)
Notice the ding in the pillar? I have no idea what or who caused that. Those gouges are all over my house at that height.

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Katers said...

LOVE those dish mom makes them..LOVE EM..LOVE EM..did I say that already?!?!?!